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    I am 6 years old.

    I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

    I like to draw.

  • What have I developed

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    Instructor's Interpretation =)

    Once upon a time, there were two kodus. One was white and one was red. They were on a journey. The white kodu found a map along the way and followed it. They past a mysterious balloon, after which a canon shot was fired. The kodus ran as fast as they could however, they ran into an evil octopus. Another cannon shot was fired and the octopus was dead. The two kodus ran for their lives.

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  • Presentation

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  • Reflections

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    What was fun

    I enjoyed playing Kodu

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    What I have learnt

    I learnt how to shoot and jump and launch

  • Instructed by

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    To nurture the creativity of children through technology and design

    Contact: hello@codomo.com.sg